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We have provided this directory to assist you in locating the web pages for the various offices and departments of Rock Island County. The web pages representing the individual offices will provide additional contact information. Every effort has been made to report the directory information as accurately as possible. To report errors, please E-mail the Web Administrator Click to send e-mail. Click here to view the Comprehensive County Direcotry - By Subject matter. Thank you!

Office: Phone: Management:
Animal Control Department ExternalLink.gif (309) 558-3647 Samantha, Operations Coordinator
Chief County Assessment Office (309) 558-3660 Larry Wilson, Chief County Assessor
Auditor's Office (309) 558-3518 April Palmer, County Auditor
Board of Review (309) 558-3670 Board of Review
Circuit Clerks Office (309) 558-3538 Tammy R. Weikert, Circuit Clerk
Coroner's Office (309) 558-3640 Brian Gustafson,County Coroner
County Administration Office (309) 558-3615 Jim Snider, County Administrator
County Board Office (309) 558-3605 Jim Snider, County Administrator
County Clerk's Office (309) 558-3569 Karen Kinney, County Clerk
Court Administrator's Office (309) 558-3289 Vicki Bluedorn, Court Administrator
Court Services Department (309) 558-3710 Trent Vandersnick  
Emergency Management Agency (309) 799-5166 Jerry Shirk, Director
GIS Department (309) 558-3772 Josh Boudi, Director
Health Department (309) 793-1955 Nita Ludwig, Administrator
Highway Department (309) 787-4668 John Massa, County Engineer
Human Resources (309) 558-3606 Erin Hughes, HR Manager
Information Systems (309) 558-3680 Kurt Davis, Director
Mental Health Board 708 (309) 794-1099 Patrick Moreno, Executive Director
Public Defender's Office (309) 558-3530 Rebecca Klein, Public Defender
Recorder's Office (309) 558-3360 Kelly Fisher, County Recorder
Regional Office of Education (309) 736-1111 Tammy Muerhoff, Superintendent of Schools
Sheriff's Office (309) 794-1230 Gerald Bustos, County Sheriff
State's Attorney (309) 558-3250 State's Attorney's Office
Treasurer's Office (309) 558-3510 Louisa A. Ewert, County Treasurer
Veteran's Assistance (309) 558-3545 Todd Harlow, Superintendent
Zoning and Building Safety Department (309) 558-3771 Gregory Thorpe"

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Rock Island County Office Building (map ExternalLink.gif)
1504 Third Avenue, Rock Island IL 61201-8624

Phone: See County Directory      Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM - Monday thru Friday